Ziqitza / MUrgency

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) operates 1280+ ambulances, with 6000+ staff, in 17 states across India and the UAE. They use a tiered pricing, user-fee based business model in India wherein patients are charged based on ability to pay based on the patient’s destination – private hospitals (charged 100% of the usual fee); government hospitals (charged 50%); and unconscious unaccompanied patients to the nearest hospital (free transport). This sustainable cross subsidy business model provides effective universal access to emergency medical response. To date, ZHL have transported 3.25 million+ patients and delivered 8300+ babies on board their ambulances.

As a next step, ZHL are developing ‘MUrgency – ONE GLOBAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE NETWORK’ on mobile phones, which aims to bring emergency responders (doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, first aid assistants, Red Cross volunteers, ambulances, emergency rooms and other ER services onto a single global platform). This will enable the nearest emergency responder to assist anyone facing a medical emergency anytime, anywhere.