TrustCircle addresses one of the greatest healthcare challenges our society faces today – the decline in emotional well-being. TrustCircle is a mental healthcare startup that utilizes mobile and AI technology to improve emotional resiliency and well-being for all with a focus on prevention, early intervention, and improving public health. TrustCircle is unique as it empowers all individuals to assess, track and learn about their emotional well-being.  They can also access on-demand care and community support anytime, anywhere, anonymously.  Organizations, cities, districts, and states can leverage TrustCircle’s data-driven model to identify high-risk population segments and take proactive action to promote health and well-being within their community.

It has been recognized by the Mental Health Innovation Network, a WHO Initiative, as an innovation in global mental health. TrustCircle is funded by TATA TRUSTS’ Foundation for Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship and became the first mental health app in Africa to provide free assessment tests and community support. Individuals from over 20 countries are now using TrustCircle mhealth solutions.