Little Devices

MIT’s Little Devices lab explores the design, invention and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world. The lab researches health themes of therapeutics, diagnostics and accessibility design.

Designed with Nicaraguan health professionals, Solarclave addresses the infrastructure limitations of remote health posts by sterilizing medical instruments with solar thermal technology and locally available materials.

Adher.IO is an award-winning behavioral diagnostics tool that improves medication adherence by rewarding patients that demonstrate proper ingestion with encrypted test strips.

The modular health monitoring platform, mPulse, is a low-cost health kiosk that is integrated into the community for public health experimentation and real-time patient health guidance.

Applying rapid prototyping tools into the health space, the Making Health platform enables medical professionals across the globe to experiment with and design appropriate medical technology and share resulting devices. Pop Up Labs, Little Devices’ spinoff, explores the dissemination strategies for these technologies and the accompanying design strategies.