Bloomberg Global Road Safety Program

Organization: Bloomberg Global Road Safety Program

Country: Russia

Forum: Road traffic injury

The Bloomberg Global Road Safety program was launched in February 2010 in Moscow and initiatives relating to seat belt rates and speed commenced shortly after in two oblasts (Lipetskaya and Ivanovskaya) in September 2010. Following observational studies and focus group discussions, a large social marketing campaign was launched in Lipetskaya Oblast in November 2010 and in Ivanovskaya Oblast in May 2011. The motto was “Do not break the line of life”. The campaign, developed and conducted with the support of local police, was publicized through TV, radio, outdoor advertising, and public relations activities.

The initiative ‘Dva Sh: shokolade/shtraf’ received considerable attention from regional and federal media. In this initiative, drivers and passengers who were buckled up received a bar of chocolate with the logo of the campaign, whereas those who were not received a fine, in keeping with the legislation currently in force. During the period of the campaign, police officers strengthened enforcement activities up to ten times to the level of pre-campaign measures.

The combination of the social marketing campaign, strong police enforcement and other awareness building efforts has significantly increased seat belt use. In Lipetskaya Oblast, use of restraints for all occupants increased from 52 percent in October 2010 to 75 percent in March 2012, and has remained stable since. In Ivanovskaya Oblast, restraint use for all occupants increased steadily from 48 percent in April 2011 to 93 percent in May 2013.