Arbutus Medical

Arbutus Medical has developed a $400 alternative to $30,000 surgical drills, allowing safe and effective treatment of patients in resource-constrained settings, as well as in disaster relief. 25 million people are injured in traffic accidents each year, with 90% of that burden in the developing world. Treating these patients with bone injury requires expensive surgical drills; when these are unavailable, surgeons will resort to non-sterile drills from the hardware store, or manual drills that are inaccurate and hard to use.

The Drill Cover is a sterilizable, reusable, medical-grade cover that envelops a ‘dirty’ hardware drill, transforming a low-cost tool into a $30,000 surgical device. It has been in use in Uganda for 18 months, treating over 2,000 patients, and recently launched across Syria.