Active Qatar

As part of Qatar’s National Sports Sector Strategy (2011-2016), the ‘Active Qatar’ Campaign will educate and engage the public on the importance of healthy living and increase opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in physical activity. Currently, activity levels are low across the entire population, so the campaign will initially aim to promote healthy lifestyles for all. This will be followed by targeted campaigns for priority groups with very low activity levels or at higher risk of inactivity-related diseases. The Campaign will use:

  • Large-scale, high-intensity mass media promotional campaigns
  • Tools to support individual behavioral change, such as goal-setting and self-monitoring, counseling, motivational support and performance awards
  • Techniques to support group behavioral change, such as social networks, relationships, community sports groups and workplace activity programs
  • Environmental prompts to encourage healthier choices, such as improved signposting of stairs near escalators and lifts

This will require effective partnerships across sectors and a coordinated approach between public health and primary care. Active Qatar is bound to the Qatar National Vision 2030, which sets out a number of goals which will aim to bring comprehensive development and long-term prosperity to Qatar.