Innovation Hub

The WISH Innovation Hub is an enhanced interactive exhibition space that will be an integral part of WISH 2018 and will feature some of the world’s most exciting healthcare innovations, host informal discussions, and provide hands-on experience of technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
In addition to a range of international and local exhibitors, highlights of the Innovation Hub include:

The WISH 2018 Innovation Showcases represent some of the world’s most exciting healthcare innovations, ranging from practical devices and business models, to design-based solutions. Those showcasing their innovations share a common goal: driving improvement and excellence in healthcare. Each innovation showcase has the potential to transform global health, both reducing the costs of healthcare delivery and improving the quality of care for patients. The Showcases provide a chance for entrepreneurs to exhibit their healthcare innovations in front of some of the world’s leading health experts and decision makers. WISH provides a platform to enable delegates to engage with these exciting ideas that are changing healthcare from the ground up.

Each year, WISH highlights some of the most exciting innovations in healthcare through its Young Innovators competition. WISH celebrates the spirit of innovation through its Young Innovators program, which provides a platform for tomorrow’s most promising healthcare leaders. Their innovations include devices, applications, innovative delivery models and design-based solutions that improve quality of care and patient experience, while also reducing the cost of care.