The 3 things one expert hopes will help address ongoing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

Source CNN

The US has an opportunity to get ahead in the Covid-19 pandemic by getting more people vaccinated — and three key things can help address ongoing concerns, one expert says.

“People were worried about safety, we now have hundreds of millions of doses out there, so we have great data on safety,” emergency medical physician Dr. Anand Swaminathan told CNN on Saturday. “People were worried about efficacy,” he said, adding there is now real-world data showing how effective the vaccines are.

And finally, Swaminathan said, some Americans were concerned that the vaccines didn’t have approval from the Food and Drug Administration and had only received emergency use authorization. But Pfizer/BioNTech announced Friday they have initiated an application to the agency for full FDA approval of their vaccine for people 16 and older — making it the first Covid-19 vaccine in the US to be assessed for full approval from the FDA.

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