What is WISH?

Who We Are

WISH is a global healthcare community dedicated to capturing and disseminating the best evidence-based ideas and practices.

Our Vision

  • A healthier world through global collaboration.

Our Mission

  • We forge connections and help build action-driven communities of knowledge who work together to address today’s most pressing global healthcare challenges.
  • We convene and collaborate with the world’s leading experts and the highest levels of decision-makers.
  • We create and disseminate world-class, evidence-based content and knowledge.
  • We promote active learning and support within and between communities.
  • We contribute to the vision and mission of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and Qatar National Vision 2030, and serve to underscore Qatar’s pioneering role as an emerging center for healthcare innovation.
  • We showcase innovations that will make a difference for healthcare communities everywhere.
  • We aim to influence healthcare policy globally.

Our Values

We are one community.

We work together to create a culture of collaboration and inclusion built on respect and support for all. We believe in the importance and contribution of each individual in everything we do, and that the best solutions come from working together with our colleagues, stakeholders and communities. Everything we do is built on trust.

Mutual trust is a fundamental driver for success. Trust is essential to shape exceptional teams and communities. It is based on the respect and openness of each individual to other people, to diverse cultures and to their professional environment, ensuring transparency at all times.

We believe in the power of generosity.

As a community and as individuals, we value sharing and giving to help others, and prefer our actions to speak louder than our words.

We are all leaders.

We believe everyone has the potential to inspire, influence, motivate, guide and engage people; to help colleagues to grow personally and professionally; and to help communities succeed and prosper.

We are solution-focused.

We are hands-on, positive, and resourceful. We always seek creative yet pragmatic solutions and approaches to overcome challenges.