A healthier world through global collaboration

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Summit 2018 extra talks

Reports discussions

You can watch videos of the main nine WISH 2018 panel discussions below.

Experts discussions

The Agoras provided intimate discussion circles where experts delved into the intersection of diverse healthcare topics such as ‘Mental Trauma Among Combat Refugees’ and ‘Men in Nursing’.

Focused discussions

Policy briefings at WISH 2018 discussed ten topics that had been the focus of research of previous summits, looking to note where policy recommendations have produced positive results, where advances have been made, and how further improvements to healthcare systems and ways of working can be found.

We work together to create a culture of collaboration and inclusion built on respect and support for all. We believe in the importance and contribution of each individual in everything we do, and that the best solutions come from working together with our colleagues, stakeholders and communities. Everything we do is built on trust.

"A healthier world through global collaboration"

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