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World Innovation Summit for Health

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Young Innovators

Ammi Service

Ammi Service - f Ammi Service - m

The Ammi Service is a 2F/3G voice-messaging service aimed at educating expecting women in rural areas about maternal health (“Ammi” means mother in Urdu/Punjabi). The goal is to address the skyrocketing infant mortality rate and lack of access to maternal health info in isolated rural areas.


Vasundhra Khanna

Home-based testing kits for bacterial infections, an intervention for inappropriate antibiotic use in an urban setting in India. BacKits are used for accurate self-diagnosis which, as a result, leads to decreased inappropriate antibiotic consumption and therefore decreased antimicrobial resistance.

OTTAA Project

Costa Carlos

The OTTAA Project is a communication platform for speech impaired people that use images and environmental data, allowing the user to create a sentence in 7 seconds.

Diabetic Wound Ulcers

Malaz Mohamad Hanna Anderson

The innovation is a teaching device that was designed to create a dynamic simulation system to train caregivers and patients in proper diabetic wound care prior to leaving hospital.

Wonder Kit

Abderrahim Bourouis

A multimedia, wearable shirt for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that monitors and intervention based on medical regime, communicating with phone app for management, activation and reporting.


Saif Alfarei

This project presents Design of an electrical interactive refreshable dynamic board that would help out Arab blinds people to read and write English and Arabic in braille. The main idea is to process a PDF file that contains scanned text to imposed Braille language which allows blind people to read via the sense of touch.


Haris Aghadi Abdulla ElKhenji

Meddy is an online platform to help people find best doctors based on patient reviews and credentials. It’s aimed to help people make informed health decisions based on knowledge. It’s currently the largest online network in Qatar with around 2000 doctors from 250 private clinics in Qatar.

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